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Hauntings in St. Joseph, MO pt. 2

  Author:  62993  Category:(Hauntings) Created:(9/29/2009 1:50:00 PM)
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ST. JOSEPH - Mount Mora Cemetery - Mt. Mora Cemetery is one of the oldest cemetery's in St. Joseph. The many winding paths and majestic mausoleums lend an air of peaceful antiquity to the cemetery. Many of the rich and famous of St. Joseph are buried there, including three Missouri governors, a Pony Express rider and several of the city's founding fathers. But the spirit said to haunt Mt. Mora is neither rich nor famous. No one knows who she is. An old article from the St. Joseph Telegraph named her the Lavender Lady, and stated she was an African-American woman in a cape and lavender veil. She appears around 10 p.m. on moonlit nights, walking on Mt. Mora Road. Anyone who tries to speak to her watches her fade into the moonlight. - Jeanette Browning -- and Nichola Sollars for The Griffon News Halloween Edition, October 1998.Directions and other pertinent information:Located just north of Frederick up a few blocks north from the Fredrick inn restaurant.

ST. JOSEPH - Haunted (Headless) Bridge - It is said that if you park under the bridge at night and shut off your car and lights then sit there and be patiant, if she (the ghost) is there she will appear down the road and walk right for your car. One local states, "I've been there a few times and saw a figure of a person down the road. A friend of mine has said he has seen her but she was carrying her head in her arms." There are no accounts of what occurred that caused this female apparation to haunt the bridge.Directions and other pertinent information:Located down on Mason Road. It is in the south end, go down pear street and turn on ajax and follow that to mason road, the road will go from gravel to pavement and it is the first place where the highway crosses the road.

ST. JOSEPH - King Hill Cemetery - One local states, "Several friends and I have been to King Hill Cemetery at midnight in hopes of catching a glimpse of the "witch". While we were there, no activity seemed to be present, until we looked at the pics taken with our digital camera. Not only do we have orbs, but we also have a mist figure floating above the gravestones. Clearly visible is an outline of a face and what appears to be a long hooded cloak. The night was clear and none of us remember seeing this "mist" while we were taking the pics. There were definitely cold spots. We all noticed those. Also, we had a tape recorder with us. At the time we did not notice any odd noises, but listening to the tape afterwords there were voices although it was hard to distinguish what they were saying. They were not our voices." Another local states, "Legend has it that Nancy Hawley was a witch. Her grave is in the old King Hill cemetery in south Saint Joseph MO. The picture was taken on a clear cool night. No one was smoking when the picture was taken. although we cannot verify this is anything more than mist, we believe we can see a face surrounded by a hood or cloak in the picture. My wife Natisha Roberts took this picture sometime around Halloween 2004 with a digital camera. We did get a recorded voice on tape that night that was not anyone from the group. It sounds like a high pitched crackly voice. The only word we could make out clearly was the name Chad. My husband was there that night and his name is Chad. We used a crystal and board to talk that night and my sisters husband said he felt bone chilling cold so we asked the crystal if the spirit was standing behind Steve and it said yes. I then snapped a photo of Steve and when we arrived home the photo of Steve looks like there is something behind him glowing." The following text is copywritten to The Griffon News, Missouri Western State College. The information came from the St. Joseph News-Press, Gazette and Telegraph, the Buchanan County Historical Society, St. Joseph City Directory and first-hand interviews: "South End: King Hill Cemetery/Lookout: According to legend, in the late 1840s the pillars of the St. Joseph community found themselves a witch. After being tried, convicted and killed, the witch was buried in King Hill Cemetery, the oldest Christian Cemetery in the city. Years later, the Witch's Grave has become a rite of passage for city youths to prove their bravery in midnight visits. Her grave became so popular that the headstone was removed to keep vandals at bay. There are many stories related to the powers of the Witch's Grave, but none have been proven. One King Hill legend that has proven to hold more than a ring of truth is that of the Indian warrior. Indian legend says that the dead migrate over the Missouri River to the 'sun bridge' of the western sunset to the 'Happy Hunting Grounds.' And archeological evidence has been found at King Hill indicating it was an Indian burial ground. A story from the St. Joseph Gazette reported the tale of a pioneer girl who was scalped at the peak of King Hill Lookout. She was the beautiful daughter of a settler who built his house atop King Hill. She fell in love with an Indian warrior from a tribe that had captured her family. They ran away together, but somewhere in the course of the romance something went terribly wrong. Their bodies were found at King Hill Lookout. He had scalped her and then taken his own life. If they could not live together, they would not live at all. On a clear night, you can hear her moaning from the top of King Hill, mourning her death and that of her lover.Directions and other pertinent information:Located at East Phillip & South 4th Street.

ST. JOSEPH - City Cemetery - The following text is copywritten to The Griffon News, Missouri Western State College. The information came from the St. Joseph News-Press, Gazette and Telegraph, the Buchanan County Historical Society, St. Joseph City Directory and first-hand interviews: City Cemetery: The nearly abandoned St. Joseph City Cemetery hasn't seen a burial for many years, but the memory of past burials still haunts it. The cemetery on Amazonia Road in North St. Joseph was started in 1857 as a burying ground for the poor of the city and the surrounding area. Over the years, not only the poor have been buried there, but also unidentified bodies killed on the railroads or found in the Missouri River have found their final resting places there. A Black man who was lynched by an angry mob in downtown St. Joseph in 1933 for allegedly raping and murdering a white woman is buried there also. Records of who is buried there have long ago disappeared, and there are very few grave markers of any sort. The poor marked loved one's graves with bricks, wooden boards and even chunks of concrete from buildings. The city discontinued use of this potter's field in 1993 and tore down the caretaker's home and shed. If any place would be perfect for hauntings it would surely be this forgotten place -- and according to a St. Joseph News-Press article from the 1940s it is. Farmers driving into town early in the mornings would see a shadowy female figure walking from grave to grave reading the tombstones. Legend says she is the ghost of a woman who murdered her lover and then died herself. Because she never had the opportunity to repent her sin, she walks the cemetery searching for the grave of the man she murdered to ask his forgiveness.Directions and other pertinent information: Located on Amazonia Road.

ST. JOSEPH - Old Sisters Hospital - On the site of where the Old Sisters Hospital is in the north end of St. Joseph Mo., it's said that when they tore down the hospital you could see a woman, either in a nuns outfit or a hospital gown standing on the rubble pile crying. When the hospital was open, they said you could see a old nun walking through the halls doing rounds, people would describe her and they would be told that no one that works here fits that description. Some of the older nuns and nurses would say that was sister so an so, she worked here in the fifties or sixties until her death. She was around 90 years old and had went on break, fell asleep and passed away.Directions and other pertinent information:Located in the north end of St. Joseph.

ST. JOSEPH - The Old Devil Worship Caves - One local states, "Old Devil Worship Caves in the north end of St. Joseph, off Old Water Works Road, is no place to be on foot after dark. All kinds of spooky stuff was to have happened up there, from satanic sacrifice in the fifties to a Klan torture hanging in the sixties; and I believe a union soldier from the civil war - his ghost has been seen there on horse back." Another local adds, "Old Devil Worship Caves in the north end of St. Joseph off Old Water Works Road is no place to be on foot after dark all kinds of spooky stuff was to have happened up there from satanic sacrifice in the fifties to a Klan torture hanging in the sixties and I believe a union soldier from the civil war his ghost has been seen there on horse back."Directions and other pertinent information:Located at the north end of St. Joseph, off Old Water Works Road.


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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 9/29/2009 2:05:00 PM  From Authorid: 64514    very weird
Date: 9/29/2009 2:49:00 PM  From Authorid: 28848    I like these sofia. Thanks for posting them.  
Date: 9/29/2009 3:04:00 PM  From Authorid: 49101    Yup. Very haunted town!  
Date: 9/29/2009 11:07:00 PM  From Authorid: 42945    A ghost carrying her head in her arms, OMG! how scary...  

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