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The Old Rusty Ghost truck

  Author: 19076  Category:(Ghosts) Created:(10/31/2000 11:03:00 AM)
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Hi I never really had any ghost encounters but last night I was walkng down Main street and it was pretty empty i was going for my walk before winter starts and this just happened yesterday, I was walking past this house that is supposedly "Haunted" and it was dark and this truck was parked in front of this house and it was an old rusty truck, and I turned my head the other way and I saw a flashing light coming from it. It was the left blinker it blinked twice and the truck turned on all by itself and I know there are remote control things you can turn your car on with but this truck was old and rusty. No one was in it I checked. It didn't scare me at all i was going to knock on the door to the house and tell them that their truck just turned all by itself but I thought Nah I think i'll just keep walkin. So if anyone who has any comments please tell me or suggest something so I don't feel like I'm going crazy.


How it changed my life:

It didn't I just thought I was going nuts! :p

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 10/31/2000 11:23:00 AM  From Authorid: 600    he he he. Well, I can't explain it, but I'm pretty sure you're not going nuts. That would have scared me to death. Thanks for sharing this.  
Date: 10/31/2000 1:38:00 PM  From Authorid: 16721    well , this car wanted to explain what you were thinking of that house at that particular moment. (haunted ) . Therefore, they Saw that in you , I mean the Jinn who are haunting the house so that in you So they Decieded to Scare you and Show you that that there is Something there . as if they were blinking their eyes to you and Saying to you Come over. you are lucky becasue you didn't go there. Yours**Dragan**  
Date: 11/1/2000 7:44:00 AM  From Authorid: 16864    thats a pretty neet story

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