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  Author:  55408  Category:(Hauntings) Created:(7/16/2005 11:32:00 PM)
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New Hope - New Hope Church - A Civil War solder can be seen at the battle trenches across the road from the church. Other sightings have occurred behind the graveyard in New Hope. Phantom lights and distant moans and groans of pain from the two thousand solders killed on the place referred to as the "Hell Hole" just before storms occur.

Newnan - Cedar Creek Bridge - The bridge over Cedar Creek on Roscoe Road in Coweta County is actually a replacement of the original bridge in question. In the 1930's a horrible accident on the bridge took the lives of a woman and her baby. The woman has manifested herself in voice and appearance in various ways over the last several decades. Hauntings include forlorn screaming (hence the name), rapidly dropping temperatures, and a ghost car.

Newnan - Manget-Brannon Theater for the Arts - Theater is housed in what was once a warehouse, probably for cotton, which was abandoned for years until it was inhabited by the theater company. Volunteers and actors have felt a distinct presence, many of them collaborating on one particular area on the floor on the way to the bathroom. Several have believed the presence to be distinctively male. A psychic visited there last year and said she saw a man wearing a suit walk through one of the doors. She later saw him standing in a particular corner of the stage. He has been blamed with man petty prop disappearances.

Newnan - Newnan hospital - Cold spots , feeling of someone watching you. There as even been reports by several patients and staff of a white lady (maybe a nurse) that makes rounds at the stroke of midnight.

Newnan - Northgate high school - Northgate High school was built on the land that was once a plantation. One of the slaves killed his master while he was eating breakfast. Some say that you can smell breakfast like eggs and bacon. Some also say you can here noises in the late evening.

Newnan - Raymond community center - Reports of seeing an apparition of a girl running and she has been heard crying as well.

Newnan - Wal-Mart - people see the founder of Wal-mart and some times he grabs customers

Norcross - Greater Atlanta Christian School - Nature Trail - haunted by the spirit of an English teacher who hung herself in the woods. Legend has it that her students would taunt her for her lack of hair and after her engagement was called off she committed suicide. There are reports that if you go into the trails at night there are many orbs and one will feel there hair being pulled and feel like your skin is burning. you may also see purple eyes

Paulding County - Pickets Mill - A misty figure run between two trees and vanish.

Peachtree Industrial - Peachford Mental Hospital - A woman wearing an older nurse outfit is said to roam the hallways and sometimes crack the doors of patients rooms. It is believes she makes sure the patients are okay. Cold spots are felt when you're in the gymnasium, kid's room, and conference rooms. Sounds of children laughing can be heard in the kid�s room and in the outdoor courtyard at night.

Pearson - the Pearson light - The Pearson Light is one of the best-known stories. A long time ago a poor person was walking with a lantern and got ran over by a train. All that was left was his head. If you go to the place you can see a big light that will chase you. Some say that if you curse, yell, throw things at it, or party and be loud it will crush the top of your car in.

Pickens County - Carver Mill Bridge - There is a bridge off Carver Mill Road in western Pickens County that at one time some 50-60 years ago used to be wooden, that crossed over Scarecorn Creek. Years ago, this couple drove across the bridge and it collapsed on them, thus causing them to fall into the creek below killing them both. The bridge now is paved and well supported. You can drive onto the bridge anytime at night and shut the car off and all artificial light(flashlights, headlights, cell-phone background lights, pager blinking red lights, etc.)must be shut off and wait patiently in the car and this black figure of an average size man will walk from the end of the bridge and to your car and look into the windows. If a woman is in your car it will most likely go to her first and will continue to examine your car. If you crank your car, without turning on your lights, and begin to drive off, the man will chase you until you are off the bridge. Then the ghost will disappear into the night. The ghost is there to try to scare people off the bridge so that they won't face the same fate that the couple did. BEWARE: The ghost doesn't always walk right to your car. Sometimes it just appears at your window and can scare you plum to death. It is best if you do this during a full moon so that there is plenty of "natural" light to see the ghost with.

Ringgold - Boynton - The house that stands here was built in 1918, but a Union Soldier named Captain died on the grounds long before. He haunts the front of the property and the front rooms of the house. If Captain likes occupants of the home, he shows himself by doing parlor tricks. If he dislikes certain visitors however, he frightens them with constant rapping and banging noises. He has even been known to reveal his full form at the person's bedside in early morning hours. Sometimes, he will get in bed with visitors! One of the buttons of his coat was unearthed in the front of the property, along with other objects. Legend states that he is hanging around to await a letter from his sister.

Robins Air Force Base - Aircraft Hangar - In March of 2000, there was a military aircraft that crashed about 40 miles from the base. The bodies and parts were stored in one of the hangars. since then there have been strange noises, cold spots, and some of the machines have turned on unexpectedly. WARNING: AIR FORCE POLICE PATROLS THE HANGAR AND SURROUNDING AREAS AND YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED BY FEDRAL COURT. - December 2003 update: When the plane went down they brought the bodies to the hangar for an accident investigation. I helped clean the hangar and set down the tarps for the bodies. Ever since then in the early morning and late at night-lights go on and off in the hangar. you always feel as though someone is walking around behind you. Some of the sheet metal machines run by themselves even when no one is around. This building is used for sheet metal repairs on aircraft.

Rome - Berry College - CCC Road - aka Seven Bridges Road - On the northern side of Berry College, there is a road - CCC Road, when you go west, if you count the small bridges as you go over them, there are seven, turn around, count them on the way out, there are only six. At the west end of the road are the ruins of an old church and cemetery called Mountain Springs Church. You can hear music coming from the church at night along with crying and footsteps in the cemetery. - October 2004 update: this is a dirt road and it is blocked of to visitors with no permission.

Rome - Berry College � The Road between the new & old campus - On the road between the main campus of Berry College and the new mountain campus, the 2-mile road is bordered by woods on both sides. In the days before there was a mountain campus, students from Berry would go up into the woods to fool around. One such couple who attended Berry in the '40's is the subject of a tragic accident that occurred at Berry. After making love, the young man and young woman got into an argument, and the boy left his girlfriend in the woods to walk home alone while he drove. After driving a little while, he felt sorry and turned around to pick her up. On the way back, he wasn't paying attention to the road and he hit something. Assuming it was a deer, he got out to look--and it was his lover! She was dead. To this day, students at Berry say that if you go to the spot on the road where the girl died (it is not a bridge) and say, "Green lady, green lady, green lady" that a pale green light will appear in the trees. This is her spirit.

Rome - Berry College - Tower Between East And West Mary Girl's Dorms - Between the dorms of East Mary and West Mary on the Berry College campus is a tower that has stood there ever since the college opened almost a century ago. It is said that a student at Berry hung herself up in the tower and was not found for days. No one knows why she killed herself. The room in which she died is now locked, but you can go to the door. It is inexplicably could in the tower, even during the hot Georgia month of August, and it is said that if you wait there long enough in the dark, you can hear her crying--her last cries--just before ending her life.

Rome - Berry College Property - While walking the horse trails back by the old watermill, a man in full historically dated costume has been seen walking. He will glare at you but not say anything. He disappears when you look back at him.

Roswell - Presbyterian Church Cemetery (1840) - Many of Roswell's most outstanding citizens are buried here, including Archibald Smith and his wife Anne Margaret McGill Smith. - red orb across the cemetery grounds floating in between trees. Did not appear to be a light or plane. All present saw it. LOTS of ghostly forms and orbs captured on film and digital. One in particular was a white filmy mist bathing the side of a child's grave. Sparkles appear in thousands when taking pictures almost like confetti.

Roswell - The Public House Restaurant - Supposedly back in the days of the civil war this place was the Generals outpost. The upstairs was some kind of nursing station where they took some of the wounded to get help. The story goes something like, there was a soldier and a nurse who fell in love and got married, then the soldier was tried for some crime and was hung in the town square right across the street. So, they say that the soldier and the woman haunt the place today.

Roswell - Roswell Cemetery - Founders Cemetery in historic Roswell, GA.(Sloan Street) Contains the graves of some of Roswell's Founding Families, including Roswell King, James Bulloch and John Dunwody. The many unmarked graves are graves of the family servants. Orbs and mists witnessed by all.

Roswell - Roswell Mill - The old Roswell Mill is very uneasy as far as hauntings go. During the day, even if it is sunny outside and in the middle of summer, when one drives up to the mill, the temperature drops and it gets dark the closer you come to the main building. At night one can hear screams and cries from the women workers who were sexually assaulted and killed by soldiers. A gray haze covers the area at night.

Rutledge - Hard Labor Creek State Park (Camp Rutledge)- Two ghosts, a man and a little boy whose name is Ethan. The child, is not very bothersome. Ethan will sometimes have a red ball he rolls toward you, after a few feel the ball disappears. If you throw a rock in the direction of the cemetery you will hear the rock hit the ground once, then a second or two later, you will hear it hit again. The man was a farmer, however is quite malevolent. He slams doors, knocks on the walls of the cabins, and walks around outside the cabins late at night. if you leave the window shutters open he will scratch on the window screen and the temperature will drop about ten degrees. He only bothers small groups of isolated people. These occurrences only happen at Camp Rutledge within Hard Labor Creek State Park, and only at the two cabin clusters closest to the graveyard. Other occurrences on the campsite are: There is a small graveyard located on the site, after 12:00AM a figure has been spotted moving in and out of its gates, back and forth across the trail.

Sale City - Shady Grove Cemetery - Located in the middle of a tight "S" curve on a small dirt road outside of Sale City Georgia. It is an old Historic cemetery that locals say is haunted and that there is unusual activity that goes on there. Locals say to park your car on the side of the road near the cemetery and look at the small prayer chapel that is located in the middle of the cemetery, while being quiet, you can hear moans and high pitch noises coming from the chapel and at times there seems to be a low glooming light that emerges from the foundation of the chapel, locals say that upon approaching the cemetery at night there seems to be an unexplainable chill that goes down your spine every time you try to pass through the arch at the entrance of the cemetery. (Be careful when visiting, because the authorities have been known to patrol the dirt road frequently.) - It would be a good idea to let the proper authorities know what you are doing and ALWAYS get permission.

Sandersville - a young infant child�s grave has a blue/ red glowing light on it but there�s no light bulb on the grave its done natural.

Savannah - 1790 Inn and Tavern - This Inn was built in 1790 and is haunted by a girl named Anna She was a seventeen year old girl who was shunned after getting pregnant by a sailor. The sailor was said to have jumped out of the third story window and died. He haunts the same room the window was located. Guests claim to lose things such as wallets, ID's, and underclothes. They will later be found in planters or behind bookshelves. People have also reported hearing Anna in the room moving things around. - December 2003 Update/ Correction: The story is that she was in love with a sailor, but HE did NOT jump from the window... SHE DID. (He had gone to sea and was not there to throw himself out of a window) She was deeply depressed because he was going to sea and leaving her, most likely never to return. It is said that she could see the sails of his boat as it went down river and out to sea. She threw herself from a 3rd floor window. There is also said to be a woman who haunts the kitchen in the inn who used to practice voodoo, and a spirit haunts the bar/restaurant area. The submitter claims to have taken photos throughout the inn, but have not caught any anomalies on film. However, when they tried taking pictures in the bar area, their camera suddenly failed to work. Once they left the area, the camera functioned with no problem. They also had to buy new batteries twice in one weekend, as if something had drained them. On the second floor a linen closet, they felt a foreboding presence. Later, when talking to a housekeeper at the inn, they were told she had had a dream once of a man clad in 1700's clothing coming out of that same closet. She had no idea that they had a really creepy feeling each time they walked by it. The second time they stayed at the 1790's they remarked to the clerk as they checked in, that at least they weren�t going to have to sleep in "Anna's room". The clerk told them that the window she threw herself from was not actually her bedroom at the time... her bedroom was room 101... which is the room they was staying in! When they reached the room and preceded to unlock the door, it wouldn't open. Both she and her husband tried, the bottom lock was unlocked, but the deadbolt wasn't. They had knocked on the door, jokingly saying, "Anna... come on, open up." They returned to the innkeeper and she went up with us to check out the problem. She informed them that the deadbolts could only be locked from the inside and the innkeeper has a master key for those. She pushed down on the door handle and the door opened with no problem! It was if the deadbolt had never been locked, yet they BOTH knew that it had been. The 1790's Inn (is actually spelled out as Seventeen Hundred Ninety�s Inn, in case you want to search the net for it) is most definitely filled with an atmosphere of spirits from the past, you can feel it all around you if you are sensitive to that kind of thing. They heard noises in the room at night, and guests have been known to leave in the middle of the night after seeing apparitions and hearing strange sounds.

Savannah - Bonaventure Cemetery - Several ghosts are believed to haunt this old cemetery, including the ghost of a small girl named Gracie Watkins who is buried there. At times she cries in the night, and the life-sized statue of her cries tears of blood if you take something out of its hands. People who visit the cemetery often place presents in her hands such as money, trinkets, etc. There is also a pack of ghost dogs that haunt the grounds. No one has actually seen them, but they run after you and you can hear them barking and breathing.

Savannah - Fort Pulaski - Late at night it is known to have strange noises, such as gun firing, people dieing, and a little girl crying.

Savannah - Grove Point Plantations - Witnesses say you can see mist of smoke following you and sometimes they chase you. You can even hear sounds, loud pitch voices almost like a horse but not. Bushes will move trees with slant down.

Savannah - Hampton Lillibridge House - This is said to be the most haunted house in Savannah, and the only house known to have had an exorcism. When the house was being restored in the 1960s, some workmen refused to finish the job because of strange occurrences (tools disappearing, hearing footsteps when they knew they were alone, strange feelings). On one occasion, a man was seen wearing a black suit and bow tie in the third floor window when no one was living in the house. Neighbors have also heard a woman's scream coming from within the house, and a gray haired man has also been sighted.

Savannah - Haslam House - a tall man appears and some poltergeist activity also.

Savannah - Isle of Hope - Camp Villamarie - Everyone who has ventured through this area with us has claimed to see the same things,.... we all hear children playing and see blue outlines of things moving and hear swing sets when there are none in the area and see bright lights go on and off in uncontrollable areas. It is near the site of an old battle from the civil war. KY

Cynthiana - Rohs' Opera house - Used to be an opera house before the motion picture business came in. Reports of a woman in her 40's in a long flowing white dress have been seen.

Savannah - The Juliette Low Birthplace - two former owners haunt this house: Sarah Gordon and her daughter-in-law Nellie Kinzie Gordon, who was the mother of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouting. Nellie is said to rearrange furniture, play the piano, and slide down the banister after the museum closes down for the night. Visitors to the place often see Sarah, wearing an old-fashioned dress.

Savannah - Kehoe House Bed & Breakfast - Said to be haunted by the spirits of children. Also, by a "Lady in Gray" who haunts not only the bed & breakfast in general, but particularly room #203. People who have stayed in this room have felt their hands being gently touched and have felt kisses upon their cheeks. All have agreed that she seems to be a very friendly spirit.

Savannah - Main Town Square - a lady once pregnant that had committed a crime. Her hanging was postponed until she had the baby. When she finally had the baby, it was taken away and she was hanged. You can see her wandering through the square crying . if you go up to her she will think you have the baby and will follow you through the square.

Savannah - Ogalthorpe House - It is a college dorm and water has turned on several times, a girl once tape recorded the sounds of her room after things were being rearranged when she left, and she heard only the door shut when she left and then shortly after there were noises of things moving. And there have been whispers in people's ears when they try to sleep at night. Others report the most famous place is in front of room 600 and/or 601. The place in front of the rooms is where a girl jumped and committed suicide years before, thus if you go there now the place has Plexiglas all round half of floor 6. In room 416 there are reports of a stool scrapping across the floor above and a marble dropping and rolling.

Savannah - Piccadilly - Haunted by a ghost named "Gracie". In the yellow fever epidemic the restaurant used to be a hotel in the 1800's. Gracie the daughter of the owner died at age seven. She has haunted in the downstairs bathrooms and you can often feel chills in the air.

Savannah - Pirate's House Restaurant - Pirate Captain Flint haunts this place. And also 12 people from the Ghost Chasing Society of America stayed there for two nights, in the second floor of the restaurant. Two of them were the only ones at the end of the two days.

Savannah - Savannah College of Art & Design - Oglethorpe House - Residents saw on numerous occasions the ghost of a little girl, who they believed to be the famous Gracie Watkins of Bonaventure Cemetery because of it's similar appearance to the statue. The ghost was seen at night running away & down a hall & turning a corner, and move out of sight; she has been seen entering rooms & and has been spotted looking at the resident�s clothes in the closet. They also report hearing whispers, & seeing the transparent girl kneeling beside their bed.

Savannah - Savannah College of Art - Weston House - A dorm for the Savannah College of Art and Design which was formerly the Savannah Weston Hotel. It is located on 231 West Boundary St. and is one of the various areas of Savannah where civil war battles were fought. The old railroad also ran adjacent to it. At all times of the day students hear tapping on the walls, furniture moving in empty rooms, and a singing girl. There have been rare occasions of physical contact, in which students have reported being touched or grabbed. Sightings are more rare, but they have been experienced.

Savannah - Savannah River - The woman known as The Waving Girl, Florence Martus, was immortalized in a statue on the Savannah River for her habit of waving a cloth or towel from the land as a helpful signal to boats coming in. The statue depicts her waving with a large dog sitting next to her. Many times the stone cloth has been seen waving as if in the wind. Many believe it to be haunted by a ghost boy who broke little children and animals necks. It is said he was hung near the river. On calm, autumn, under a full moon you can see him walking looking for victims.

Savannah - The Old Colonial Cemetery - Their have been numerous hauntings seen one is wear a couple was seen walking/floating in the graveyard after it was closed the couple was decapitated ad was missing their arms from the elbow down. (There are graves from before the civil war)

Savannah - The Old Pink House Restaurant and Tavern -This popular tavern is said to be haunted by its builder, General Habersham. He often appears in the basement, which is now the tavern. However, he has sometimes been known to walk among guests in the upstairs dining room dressed in his full General uniform.

Savannah - Pirate's House Tavern - The story is this restaurant is haunted by Captain Redbeard (Captain Flint) and was built back in the 1700's, and was originally a pub for sailors. And Captain Flint would go there with his sailors and take women through a secret passage that lead out to the docks and would take them onto his ship. They have had so many reports of ghostly activity on the second floor that they had 12 experts from the National Ghost Chasing Association come and stay in the second floor for 3 days. There was so much weird activity that all of the experts except 3 of them were left by the end of the 3 days. All of the experts were scared out of their minds.

Savannah - The Telfair Museum - is haunted by its former owner. She is said to roam the housekeeping people from doing what they shouldn't do. If you smoke a cigarette in the house or sit on the wrong chair, you can hear here footsteps coming at you on the marble floors.

Savannah - The Old Telfair Hospital - Supposedly Mary Telfair also haunts this former ladies hospital. Says she roams the halls in a brown dress.

Screven - Railroad - There is said to be an orb of light, hovering over a railroad, where a man was hit. Is seen at night. The man use to walk up and down the railroad, carrying a lantern, the orb of light swings side to side.

St. Mary�s - Orange Hall - A ghostly little girl is said to walk through the building upon the midnight hour. It is said that you can see flashes and images upon midnight.

St. Simons Island - At night you can see a lady that lost her husband at see. She walks around the beach at night and calls his name.

St. Simon's Island - Christ Church - before it was enclosed by a wall visitors would make midnight trips to see the flickering light of a candle above one of the tombstones, the car had to be driven slowly on the left side of the road with the lights dimmed, the story is that a woman who lived on the island was so afraid of the dark that she always slept with a lit candle by her bed, when she died her husband was distressed at the thought of his wife in the dark, so every night of his life he put a candle on the top of her tombstone.

St. Simon's Island - Ebo landing - Supposedly a group of chained slaves were being held on the beach (having just arrived on the slave smuggling ship the Wanderer), the slaves made a suicide pack. Rather than live their lives in irons they ran, chained side by side to one another, into the water and drowned. It is said the sight is haunted by their spirits, you can hear the heavy irons clatter as they sprint from the beach for the water.

St. Simon's Island - Jekyll Islands - Beachview Drive - Mary the Wanderer is a ghost that haunts Jekyll Island's main beachfront area * Not St Simons Island.* The Wanderer hotel operated for many years on Jekyll's Beachview Drive- the island�s main drive- where she is seen wandering the coast waiting for her lost love who never returned from the sea.

St. Simon's Island - St. Simon's Island Lighthouse - is haunted by a former light keeper. His steps can be heard climbing to the top of the light.

Statesboro - The Packing House - Off of Packinghouse road an abandoned meat packing plant exists. Shadows can be seen trying to escape the building but will go no Farther than the entranceways. On a full moon, a gunshot can be heard and the screams of burning victims accompany it. Every other night look at the 2nd window from the right on the 3rd story to see a woman with a look of terror on her face. On the backside of the building there are extreme temperature drops.

Stillmore - Stillmore Cemetery - Old Kenfield Rd - While walking through the black half of the cemetery (being a relatively old cemetery in the south (some new graves, though), it is segregated)which is on the left-hand side of the road (going downhill), on a very warm August afternoon, my kids and walked through what was a very cold, moist spot. It was way out in the middle of the cemetery, no trees or other shade around, no tombstones close by. It only lasted a brief moment, and surprised us so much that we didn't realize what had occurred for a minute. We then walked the whole area again, finding nothing.

Stockbridge - Southerness Golf Club - The oldest house in Rockdale county is still standing at the main entrance to the golf club. It is said that workers have seen chair upstairs rock back and forth, and at night employees have passed by the house and noticed blue lights sway back and forth & figures in the windows, accompanied by moans and commotion.

Stockbridge - Stockbridge Elementary - There are railroad tracks right beside the school. A group of people was crossing the tracks and their car overheated. They just sat there because nothing was coming and they were waiting for their engine to cool down. Well, they started to hear the sounds of a train. They saw a train approaching and tried to get out of the car. Two of the five people made it out. The train rammed right into the car, blowing the car up and sending it flying into the woods right behind the school. You can see the remains of the burnt car in that patch of woods from the playground. Supposedly, on the night and around the night that the accident happened, you will see a hitchhiker. If you pick them up, they will sit with you and you will stall on the tracks. A 'train' will start coming at you. All of the sudden, the person will disappear and your car will start up and you will drift forward. But if you don't pick them up, you stall on the tracks and the 'train' comes at you and just goes right through you and your car.

Stockbridge - Stockbridge High School - Janitors, teachers, students, parents and police have all bared witness to slamming doors, disembodied voices and footsteps coming from the back halls and objects moving on their own in Stockbridge High School. Police and school officials have been called in the middle of the night because of the school alarms going off only to arrive to find the school locked down. On entry footsteps and distance voices are heard. No known cause has been found for these occurrences. One sighting of a woman in her mid-forties was reported once by a janitor working late in the back hall but no other sightings have been reported.

Stone Mountain - cemetery by Days Inn - There 92s a cemetery with no name, out in the woods, by Days Inn. Reported cold spots and when pictures are taking you are likely to get an orb in your picture.

Stone Mountain - old cemetery at the end of Main Street - A very old cemetery dating back before the civil war, Orbs seen by the naked eye floating around and if you take a picture, you will be guaranteed to see an orb. You will have to go at night though. There are marble platforms to stand on between the graves and it feels like a hand is pushing you off and people never seem to keep their balance. You can hear footsteps and leaves and branches being crushed around you when there is nobody there. Even in the summer, numerous cold spots have been reported by many people (including me) and sometimes it feels like a cold hand is touching or poking you. This is a very haunted place. Everyone who goes there at night usually experiences something paranormal.

Stone Mountain - Stone Mountain Park. Old U.S. 78 East - Beginning where the Cherokee trail intersects old U.S. 78 East (near the main railroad station) my wife and youngest son nearly always hear footsteps not matching their gait. I've never heard it, but my dog has. He looks back every 10 feet or so when we walk the short length of roadway. The sensation seems to only happen to the person lagging behind.

Stone Mountain - Stone Mountain Park's Antebellum Plantation - Several Buildings in there are haunted: Thornton House: Workers have reported feeling a spirit at the top of the stairs, between the children's rooms. Dickey House: Confederate re-enactors have reported seeing a woman in top floor windows when he camp out on lawn. Slave Quarters: Reported feeling spirits.

Stone Mountain - Village Inn - Hotel built around 1830's was used as a hospital during the civil war. Many audible haunting including black man singing, whistling, mores code, and footsteps have been reported. Doors slam open, and glimpses of shadows moving out of the corners of your eye. The haunting seems to come and go over the years. There is long history of paranormal events.

Swainsboro - Old Covered Bridge - Not really sure how to tell anyone how to get there, but if anyone is local in this town I'm sure they know how to get there. The story of this is that a man had drowned his wife in this river for insurance money back in the 30's. He went nuts and finally told the police where to find her body. But no trace of her had ever been found. The story goes that if you go to the bridge, put your front tires BARELY on the bridge, turn off your lights, lock your doors, and place your keys upon the hood of the car, walk to the other end of the bridge turn around and come back, while you're walking across the bridge you'll see a light out in the middle of the river, floating on top of the water, you run back to your car, and your doors will be unlocked, engine running, and lights on. Don't know how to explain this one.

Swainsboro - Old WJAT radio station and auditorium - Lights go on and off. Objects are moved. The outline of a young man can be seen moving through several of the rooms and in the auditorium

Tallapoosa - Devil's Kitchen - Witnesses report hearing the screams of a woman that was murdered there in the 1940's by her boyfriend and another man because they were all involved in a robbery. While crossing the bridge before keys castle a young man in a blue windbreaker can be seen on the bridge. Legend states that the young man and his friends were drinking and driving and he was put out as a prank because of the screams from the girl killed in the 40's. he fell off the bridge and drowned in the river. He can be seen waiting for his friends to return to pick him up.

Temple - Temple United Methodist Church - There are at least two ladies who walk this church. Driving by at night, you can see a woman standing in the second floor window of the old nursery. She appears to be looking out the window while holding a baby. High heel shoes and laughter have been heard while no one else was there. Different lights will be turned off and on throughout the night. The sound of books hitting the hardwood floors on the second floor can be heard, as well. Several pictures have been taken and a video camera recorded heat or orbs. - We have not seen any photos as of yet. - The partitions have moved, and you can hear, very distinctly, chairs moving across the floor in the old fellowship hall.

Troup County - McCoshish Mill - The owner of the mill in the 1800�s caught his wife having an affair. He killed his wife and her lover. Reports of seeing a floating woman in white, and screams are heard at the mill. Apparitions of the lover are seen in the woods around the mill. He is an angry spirit.

Troup County - N. Whatley Rd. Cemetery - The Cemetery dates bake to the 1800�s. a strange stillness is at the cemetery. Reports of hear screams if you knock 3 times on the large marker in the middle of the cemetery. Dogs react violently to the place and apparitions have been reported.

Tifton - Hickory Springs - Information not known on incident happening in the late 1900's. The story says that if you are to walk behind the church there is a trail behind it leading into the woods. You may hear things running through the woods to meet you at the end of the trail. The objects will make odd noises like a panther. It�s a really high-pitched scream that will send chills up your spine. Residents from miles away can hear the screams from all around the church. - December 2003 update; you can't go to Hickory Springs at night, because there is a no trespassing sign and cameras everywhere. If you trespass, you will be arrested. You can go there during the day though the groundskeeper will shoot Trespassers.

Toomsboro - Old Toomsbaro Hotel - Weird lights and noises can be heard and seen late at night. When the hotel was undergoing restoration, it was said that things would be moved around or just... disappeared.

Tybee Island - The Light House - Every full moon by the old fort you can hear the sounds of fighting and cries of death as the ocean waters turn the color of blood red. The fort is across the road from the lighthouse, which is said to be haunted by a former keeper.

Unidilla - Old Unidilla Baptist Church - A ghost haunts this site. 1994 or 1995 four teenagers went out there to see if they could see the ghost and one of the graves had been dug up and a skull was sitting on top of a head stone. You will get in trouble if caught there now. - December 2003 Update: The church is no longer standing, it was torn down years ago. The old cemetery is still there, and it is still active. The church was located in the middle of nowhere. When you approached it, it seemed to glow.

Valdosta - Spook Bridge - Right near the Quitman line, take hwy 84 W,turn left at the caution light right before you get to Quitman, and go down to the first dirt road to the left. A dead end... This is an old bridge crossing water that is no longer in use. Said to be used in Satanic rituals many years ago. You park at the dead end and walk the path to the bridge. The minute you cross the dirt path onto the old concrete bridge, you feel the fear and cold. You see images of people walking toward you and can feel them touching you. There is said to be a "line of light" that few can cross. You hear screams and voices and feel a great deal of fear. Very Scary!!

Valdosta - Warrens Blue Bayou - It was said that when this bar use to be a house, the former owner hung himself in his office locking the door behind him. Now during the night chairs end up on the floor after being put up the night before. The recent owner apparently was locked out of the office room after she went to use the bathroom. On another occasion, patrons starting screaming vulgar words towards the ghost, when as soon as they where done the lights and sound just cut off for a minute and a cold chill ran through the room. - May 2004 update. An investigator reports they went with two other members of their team and the (then) owner to the building that was known as Warren's Blue Bayou, formerly the Bell House (named after James Bell, who built it around the turn of the century) and currently known as Vito's Restaurant. Although they did not get any emf readings, temperature drops, or evp's, they did manage to get an orb photo. The images are very clear and bright. They had it analyzed by professional developers who could not explain it as a developing error or any kind of reflection. They are attempting to get the current owner's permission to investigate further. One orb photo may not seem like much, but Mr. Warren related stories about his employees stacking chairs on the table so they could mop, only to turn around and have them back on the floor again. Also, he alleges that as he sat in his office doing paperwork, he felt a forceful thump on his chest. When he looked down, there was a wet spot approximately the size of a man's fist on his chest.

Van Wert - Old Van Wert church and graveyard - Very old church and graveyard. It is very eerie and foreboding. Many workers buried here from the quarries that dot the area. Slave brutality was reported here as well. Spectral entities and eyes that seem to follow you everywhere, especially in the wooded area around the cemetery have been reported. The whole Rockmart, Cedartown, Fish creek and Van Wert area haunted.

Varnell - Blue Hole - Around Christmas in the post civil war years of the 19th century, a stagecoach was making its run from Varnell to Ringold when a sinkhole opened in its path. Horses, carriage and passengers disappeared into the water. During the same time of year a phantom coach can be seen barreling towards the blue hole and disappear at its verge. Located off of highway 2 north of Varnell. You have to hike to it on the old federal road.

Wayne County - Jesup - Spook Light - Just off Hwy. 84, in Wayne County, between Jesup and Screven is a stretch of railroad track that is haunted. The locals call it the "Spook Light". It is said that years ago a rail worker lost his balance and fell on the tracks and a coming train ran over him and cut off his head! He walks the tracks at night, usually at midnight, caring a lantern looking for his head. People who have seen the "Spook Light" can find no explanation for it! - October 2004 update: This is also the Appling County - Spooklight - listed above. it can be seen in both places along the tracks.

Waverly Hall - The Clarks - The large plantation house in the middle of town. Screams, orbs, and cold spots have all been reported on the property.

Waverly Hall - Ms. Pitts� House - Her spirit is said to still inhabit the house, and the sound of children laughing can be hear
Waverly Hall - Waverly Hall cemetery - On one occasion we stepped out of our vehicle and heard the most inhuman screech. there was lights and sounded like something was walking then running toward you. The Waverly Hall cemetery and surrounding homes are sitting in the middle of a paranormal hotspot. Many events have been recorded here, apparitions, cold spots, ghost have even been recorded on EVP and tape here. This place is a must for any ghost hunter to visit.

Waleska - Reinhardt College - Cobb Hall - was built on the site of an old barn which burned early in the school's history. A little girl killed in the fire wanders around the building, appearing in rooms, and giggling through the air vents.

Waleska - Reinhardt College - Gordy Hall - the unexplained "mangled man" in Gordy Hall and the wandering spirit of Captain A.M. Reinhardt himself, the school's co-founder.

Waleska - Reinhardt College - Paul Jones Hall - Many of the buildings on the campus of Reinhardt College, a Methodist school founded in 1883 in the northern section of Cherokee County, have supernatural occurrences attached to them. The ghost of a janitor who hung himself in the 65-year-old building�s attic haunts the oldest still-standing dormitory, Paul Jones Hall. In that dormitory, the doors open and close by themselves, showers and water spigots turns on and off, and the noises of the suicide can be heard replayed almost nightly by guys on the top floor coming from the padlocked attic.

Waycross - Ware County Old Jail - level 3 the third cell many girls claimed to see a old lady from when black and whites had to be separated the lady hung her self and at nights you can see her walking down the hall girls would not stay in the third cell on level 3 because of it....

Winder - Alexander St. - Mirrors falling every morning at 3:30 a.m. Hand reaching in window ruffling shower curtains. Drops 10 degrees once in a while. Doors will open right after they've been locked. Seeing a very young woman walking through kitchen in a white gown. Tables shattering.

Woodstock - Bradshaw Bridge - Back in the 1700's a young man hung himself on a bridge which is now part of red 5, the front 9 of the golf course Bradshaw Farms, legend has it that you can see this young man every night swaying.

Worth County - Holley elementary School - there is to be rumors about a man who had hung himself in is now the 4th grade girls bathroom, and on cloudy days if you walk in the last bathroom stall you will have a feeling of something watching you. also there have been many reports of girls playing "BLOODY MARY" and many broke\scratched mirrors as a result. the school is still in use and has been around since 1962. many other ghostly reports have been made in other parts of the school, such as lunchroom, fifth grade wing, storage rooms, and bathroom on the music room hallway.

Worth County - Holland Tire Company - In what is now the Holland Tire Company, a man that was running from the FBI was killed. People now say that if you ride by the tire yard on 82, you can see a shadow lurking about. You also get cold chills whenever you ride by. People that worked at the factory say that you hear strange things.

Worth County - Providence Cemetery - It's been believed if you go to Providence Cemetery you will see spirits walk around in the Graveyard.

Worwick - Phans Bridge Rd - it is a very old bridge that they say is hunted by a woman who went off the bridge one night and lost her baby somewhere in the water. They say she stayed in the water all night looking for her baby but it was nowhere to be found. She finally died, but no one knows of what. And now at night you can see a light flashing around and a woman crying and screaming her child�s name. They say that she comes out at midnight and will go after anyone who comes on the bridge to try and make them help her find her baby.

Yorkville - Old Poole Home Place - Pictures fall over in the house, chains rattle, hear people walking especially on rainy nights.

Young Harris - Young Harris College - New Dorm - Many years ago, a poet/student at the college hung himself on the premises where the newly built dormitory stands. It is said by some faculty and former students that high up, normally on the 2nd to 3rd floor of the new dormitory, you can vaguely see him hanging there from the rope tied to the ceiling in the later hours of the night. You can also see him sitting out in the lawn writing in his book of poetry. - December 2003 update: monitors will turn on/off for no reason, the blinds will shake, the doors on the closet will shake, the door entering our room will be knocked on but nobody will be there to have knocked on it, and there is often a lot of commotion in our bathroom. These things happen no matter the time of day as well.

Young Harris - Young Harris College - Clegg Fine Arts Building � Clegg Auditorium - It is common knowledge over the campus that Charlie Clegg, the president of the college in the 1960's, haunts the entire fine arts building. Even the professors acknowledge his presence by saying, "Goodnight, Charlie," when exiting the building for the night. Charlie has been known to play the organ downstairs at night, appear on stage, find lost props minutes before the actor has to appear on stage, whisper lines to actors who draw a blank, and even touch a few people from time to time. Although benevolent and helpful, he often frightens people to the point that they will not enter the auditorium alone.

Young Harris - Young Harris College - Dobbs Theatre - the early 1990's there was a janitor named Jesse who loved the theatre and would participate when a particular role called for someone who had visible age. He one day was driving home and wrapped his car around a tree; his ghost has haunted the Blackbox ever since. In the storage room, the noise of moving chairs and other items can often be heard. In the classroom, the motion sensor light turns on when the door is locked and nobody is in there. Footsteps up the steps and around the building are common. Movement upstairs and in the catwalks is also very common. While Charlie in the Clegg building usually causes commotion at night, Jesse seems to be around 24 hours a day- even while there are large groups and classes in the theatre.

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 7/17/2005 12:11:00 AM  From Authorid: 3680    these were very interesting except for the cedar creek bridge haunting. there is a tale like that in every country in georgia and a lot of my out of state friends claim the same tell in different counties in there states as well. it is an old urban ledgened... along the lines of a woman had a terrible accident on an old bridge that has been replaced, her baby was killed, and if you go there in the middle of the night, and say "I killed you baby" or something along the lines like that, you're car will crank up on its on, and you will hear a baby crying... blah blah. I would like to know if the incident really did happen and if so, then where... great post...  
Date: 7/17/2005 7:33:00 AM  From Authorid: 62881    I live in Waverly Hall...the cemetary is close to me. A lot of the neighborhood kids get together around Halloween and go to the cemetary (at night) to see if they can "see or hear" anything. A friend of mine lives next door to the cemetary. His brother is buried there. I have been to the Berry College campus with one of my Aunts' who went to school there. Those stories were being told back when she went to college there in the 60's. I grewup in Troup County but never heard those stories. I was born in Newnan Hospital...then known as Coweta County General Hospital. My mother used to work there before I was born and a few years after. I had never heard these stories either. Interesting post, though!  

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