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  Author:  55408  Category:(Hauntings) Created:(10/19/2004 7:52:00 PM)
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Bethany Beach - Addy-Sea Inn - Rooms 1, 6 11 are haunted by different ghosts.

Delaware City - Fort Delaware - This site (now a state park) was used as to imprison Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Many workers and tourists have seen ghostly images, felt cold places and heard voices. On a recent "ghost tour" visitors actually saw the image of a Confederate soldier watching them from the upper ramparts. Also on this island site was once a cemetery for soldiers who died of typhus and malaria and this is supposed to be haunted as well.

Delaware City - Plachette Playhouse - Last used as a playhouse and dancehall back in the summer of '99. Here figures in paintings and photographs on the walls animate, mirrors bleed, people are pushed down the front steps by an invisible force and many more things too numerous to mention here. From the outside you may see faces in the second story windows or a strange purple light moving about the rooms.

Delaware County - Springfield (near Drexel Hill) - Indian Rock Park - The story goes back to the 1980's, when a girl overdosed on heroine in the woods of Indian Rock Park. Supposedly her and her friends would drink and do drugs in the woods and one night she had too much to drink and overdosed on heroine. When the teenagers drank in the woods they would bring a lantern with them so they could see and camp out. Well, it turns out the girl died, and if you go into the Indian Rock woods at night sometimes you can sight a girl walking slowly through the woods holding a lantern. Some sightings of this have been reported.

Dewey beach - Tangled Lines - this location used to be a hotel there was a murder and till this day at night if you listen you will hear the cries

Dover - Blue Coat Inn - Haunted at night by a older man and a young boy (appears to be a drummer boy).

Dover - Dickinson Mansion - John Dickinson's ghost haunts this house, recordings of sounds have been made here also.

Dover - The Governor's Mansion - This building is quite haunted. Residents have reported, among others: a bewigged 18th century gentleman; a "tippling ghost" that will empty wineglasses left in a certain place; a chain-rattling ghost in the basement (supposedly the place was a stop on the underground railroad; and it's said that some slaves were sold out and recaptured); and a little girl in a red dress who plays in the gardens.

Dover - The Green at Dover - A Judge’s angry spirit walks among the nearby tombstones and on the Green.

Fredrica - Hwy12 west - Glowing Red Eyes of a dog are seen on this stretch of this highway. Legend has that many years ago, a man was angry with his landlord, and so the man murdered him and grinded him up with cornmeal and feed it to his dog. The specter of the dog with the illuminated eyes that appear to be red are seen roadside by drivers at night.

Gumboro - Old Homestead - No matter if it be breathing on the stairs or figures walking across the yard this historic house in he heart of Gumboro Delaware still houses those of the past. No matter the way they come across they are a pleasure to have around and act as protectors of the Old Homestead.

Kent County - Woodland - Woodland Beach - early 1900s woodland beach had a boardwalk and other attractions, all that stands now of the former boardwalk is the pier ties in the water, but on a well lit night of the full moon, you can se figures walking over the water where the boardwalk used to be, maybe waiting to get on the ferry that no longer travels from there. There is mostly home put in the woodland area now, and the beach is open to the public; but keep in mind the water can rise over the bridge that leads to the beach.

Lewes - The Neighborhood of Bay Oaks - In this newly built neighborhood, sightings of orbs and streaks of light have been reported. This bay-side area is believed to be a historical location at which a massacre occurred between the Indians and Dutch settlers. In this massacre, Indians slaughtered the newly settled Dutch leaving behind artifacts such as Dutch pottery and arrowheads that have been recently found by new homeowners. Only the residents of Dutch ancestry sense the ghost’s presence or experience the symptoms that usually accompany the presence of ghosts who may still be in search of eternal rest. Certain symptoms that have been reported are: cold spots that are walked in and out of (not near an air vent or window; feeling of being watched or that someone is in the room with you; globes of light; the disappearing and reappearing of ghost-related books about hauntings in the area; and one teenage resident has reported waking up choking with the sensation of a hand around their neck then seeing the ghostly hand pull away. This area is under paranormal investigation at this time.

Middletown - Locust Grove Farm - A young boy was said to have died in the house in the early 1900s. The house is 152 years old. Lights, TVs turn themselves on and off. One night the toy train in the sunroom began to go around the track all by itself, and voices have been heard. Feelings of not being alone when you walk in the house are common! At night the house is never quite, squeaks and thumps are heard.

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 10/20/2004 8:16:00 AM  From Authorid: 62135    Groovy stuff here. Another place for me to check out in teh future..thankx for sharing.


Find great Easter stories on Angels Feather
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