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crimetime #3 (the night my mind went blank...........)

  Author:  44424  Category:(Crimes) Created:(6/2/2002 11:19:00 PM)
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The case of the orange socks homicide, breckinridge, colorado; 5 mile's from the rocky mts. On january 7. 1982, the body of 29 year old bobbie obenholtzer was found laying in the snow in the mountains of the tourist's retreat, breckinridge. She was wearing an orange sock and near her body lay her house keys. l3 miles away, the body of 21 year old annette kay schnee waits to be discovered, she is wearing the orange sock that matches the one worn by bobbie obenholtzer/ that is the only link that the victims share. Their bodies were found 13 miles, 6 months apart, both women disappeared the same day, and both victim's were killed by a medium caliber revolver. according to summit county sheriff department records; bobbie obenholtzer left for work at 7:00 a.m like usual, in this small community it was a common trait for residents to hitch hike into town. She called her husband, jeff, at 6:30 p.m. to advise him that she was going to have a couple of drinks' and rewind with some friends. Her husband woke from a nap at around midnight to notice she had not come home yet and he thought to himself that she must be having a good time, and when 2:15 a.m rolled around he headed into breckinridge to look for bobbie. The bar's and nightclub's closed down at 2:00 a.m and by the time he got into town, everything was already dark and peaceful, so he went home to wait for his wife of 3 years to come bee-bopping in. The next day a local farmer called jeff obenholtzer and told him that he had found bobbie's driver's license's in a field. Jeff immediately left to retreive them. After getting the D.L's from the farmer, jeff headed back home. As he drove he looked over to a snow covered field and thought to himself about the possibilities and the mysterious way bobbie disappeared just the night before. He noticed something in the snow. He stopped and after tromping through the deep colorado snow, he found a bloody backpack: it looked like bobbie's. She would be found 2 hours later, nearly 15 miles from the backpack, nude and only wearing a single orange sock. she had been shot in the back and the back of her head. like a hunted animal, tracked down & shot from behind. immediately her husband, jeff obenholtzer, was the main suspect in her murder,and when the body of cocktail waitress, Anette schnee was found on july 3rd, 1982 (6 months after his wife's nude body was discovered) wearing the matching orange sock, he became the lead suspect for over 9 years. annette schnee was murdered lst according to police investigators. Jeff obenholtzer was admistered 2 polygraph test's and passed both. However- he denied in the beginning of the investigation, knowing the victim annette schnee, but later he recanted and said he did give a young woman a ride on the night his wife disappeared (which contradicts his story, but whatever). he told her of his occupation as a painter and she told him when she moved, she'd need someone to paint her home, he gave her a business card (which was in her wallet at the murder scene). Two women disappear the same night, they are murdered by the same gun- 13 miles apart, both women are made to disrobe and both women, unknown to each other, made to put on an orange sock. In 2000, the summit county sheriff's department officially released jeff obenholtzer as a suspect in the death's of bobbie obenholtzer & annette schnee. the homicides in these cases are unsolved.

the river run's through; In clark county, ohio, there is a river called the mad river. it flows through towns like springfield and lawrenceville, and along side of wright patterson air force base. It is a suburb of bedroom communities located far enoough from the big town life of dayton and cincinnati. some of the nation's largest interstates and highway's circle clark county, and in the darkness of the mad river, which current's dance near the edison power plant on national street, there is an evil that lurks in clark county. victim#1) jessica minter, 15 years old, died of multiple stab wounds in family home, anita dr. lawrenceville, ohio 6/31/64: victim#2) bobbie ann waymire found strangled to death on maddix, rd. 10/23/72 springfield, ohio: victim#3) homer griffitts shot to death, in front of l0 year old son, 12/14/78 he was working at kayo gas station, yellow springs rd, springfield, ohio: victim#4) robin e. hartman body found at dead end of temple st, new moorefield, ohio, 8/21/81: reported missing 8/02/81: disappeared 6/23/81 last seen in springfield, ohio: cause of death; undetermined/ victim#5) mary frances harris body found at entrance to field on snider road near mad river, 9/19/81: cause of death/ undetermined: victim#6) judy ott body found by husband at home, 4/5/83: she died of multiple stab wounds in home on e. national, st. springfield, ohio: victim#7) denise r. chance (18 years old) body found in ditch along baldwin, lane. in springfield, ohio: 3/20/85: cause of death is undetermined/reported missing 1/7/85 victim#8) walter c. graham body found in mad river, west of springfield, ohio, 9/17/89: his body was tangled in tree limbs in the mad river. he died of shotgun wounds: victim#9) peggy louise casey last seen alive in covington, kentucky (trying to find ride home)/ brutally murdered 4/1/, 4/2, 4/14, 4/15, 4/17/94: dismembered body found over 15 mile radius that covered 3 counties/ clark, miami, champaign: victim#10) robert g. mitchell found murdered in home, of blunt force trauma to head, 3/16/97: northridge, ohio: body found after paper boy discovered fire in victim's home/ victim#11) mary lucinda vanculin body found, 5/31/97, in roadway near railroad tracks in springfield: cause of death is undetermined/ victim#12) crystal e. proctor body found in cornfield off osborn road, springfield, ohio 7/27/97: though there is not a single cause of death, it is homicidal violence which caused the death: victim#13) john edward campbell victim#14) raymond kreitzer the bodies of campbell & kreitzer were discovered in separate locations near the mad river on w.national road, 2/13/98: both men were shot to death: the men lived together in trailor near state road 41/ I believe there have been 2 serial killers involved in these 14 unsolved murders. Three of the four men died of gunshot wounds, one died of trauma to the head. One woman died of strangulation, at least four women died of stab wounds, and four women died under mysterious circumstances, leaving only questions. I think June of 81' a series of murder's began, and the only time the killings stop is when the perpetrator is incarcerated for another crime. some of the murders are only a couple of months separated, some are years. some are more vicious than others in nature.

peace & luv; tomevans- crimetime; 2002'+

How it changed my life:

stories about unsolved crimes and the circumstances that surround the lives of the victims. We don't know the name of the suspects, only the names of the victims. peace/

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 6/2/2002 11:37:00 PM  From Authorid: 20750    wowser!! Interesing events! I hope all who are guilty are found & soon! Ya know I love true crime!  
Date: 6/3/2002 12:25:00 AM  From Authorid: 35160    oh i feel so bad 4 all those ppl who were killed, and their families. i hope the killers r found soon, so that these ppl may find peace at last. huggs shay  
Date: 6/3/2002 5:49:00 AM  From Authorid: 46320    Good ones tomevans. I am waiting patiently for part 4. Be Good...  
Date: 6/3/2002 7:03:00 AM  From Authorid: 53900    Very good I like them and I will be awaiting #4 patiently cause I really love these posts...~~luv_4_2pac~~  
Date: 6/22/2002 4:00:00 PM  From Authorid: 51876    That place must be a demon's playground.I am glad I took the time to read your interesting posts.......BruiextheGreenMan  

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